One of our favourite dive sites is the Moltke shipwreck located in Geoffrey Bay, Arcadia. The Moltke was sunk to create a break wall for the Magnetic Island ferry. It is now a great site for all experience levels, With a maximum depth of 10m you can really enjoy an extended dive and explore the whole wreck.

Common sightings on the wreck are blue spot lagoon rays, epaulette sharks, tropical rock lobster, blue spot tusk fish and many different nudibranch's.


Alma Bay is a great site for beginners and for people looking to hone their skills. With a maximum depth of 10 meters both the left and right hand sides of Alma Bay are great for diving. With blue spotted lagoon rays often seen on the sand, Wobbegong and Epaulette sharks hiding under rocks and many different species of nudibranch it is a great place to practice your underwater photography skills.


Arthur Bay a favourite dive and snorkel site for many on Magnetic Island. With depths up to 10 meters there are plenty of swim throughs and caverns, large bombies, great coral cover and always something unique to see. There is also a barge that has turned into a nice little shipwreck off Arthur Bay with only a handful of people having seen it up close and personal.

Snorkeling at Arthur Bay is best on the left hand side as the reef is quite shallow there and great coral cover, with the chance of seeing turtles in the shallow water.


Florence bay is one of Magnetic Island's best bays. Whether you are snorkeling or diving the water is generally clearest on the eastern side of the island. Florence Bay has swim throughs, bombies, caves and lots of coral cover. With depths ranging from 3- 15 meters it can be one of the deepest sites on the island with the best time to dive being early in the morning or in the afternoon.


The SS Yongala is one of the worlds best dive sites and is for experienced divers only. With a maximum depth of 28 meters and visibility between 5-25 meters there is often a mild current on the wreck itself. The Yongala is a once in a lifetime dive site with everything living on and around the wreck 3 times bigger than average. There is always something exciting on the Yongala, with thousands and thousands of fish, turtles, eagle rays, bull rays, sea snakes, bull sharks, tawny nurse sharks, moray eels, giant Queensland grouper and much more. The Yongala is a dive site you will never forget.


Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a great dive site for all experience levels. With depths from 5-30 meters and visibility rarely less than 20 meters it is a perfect dive site. With all your favourite species including: Clown fish, reef sharks, giant clams, turtles and hump head maori wrasse as well as thousands of different species of hard and soft coral 


Name Your Dive Site

We run exploratory dive trips once a month in our very own dive boat looking for new and unique dive sites. We often find unexplored reefs, shoals and shipwrecks which we will return to visit. If you are on the boat when we discover one of these sites we are happy for you to name the site and dive it with us!